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In attending mah jongg tournaments most of my adult life, one gets a sense of the things one likes and does not like about those tournaments. You take from each tournament a piece of what they're offering and bring those pieces with you to your party.

My mentor is one of the best tournament directors around! She’s always thrown a great tournament/party…lol. Last year Joann was generous enough to assist me in my maiden voyage. It was because of her assistance, I had the courage to take these first steps. And, only with her approval, did I embark upon and continue this journey. So, a nod to Joanne Bourne is in order here.….as well as my scorekeeper/ secretary/ personal assistant, my mom…and my dad…the social butterfly who seems to keep you all entertained.

My philosophy for Mah jongg tournaments is the same as if I were throwing a party. I want a nice big room with good lighting, a good sound system, smooth transitions, comfortable temperature, plenty of great food and a good time had by all. The thing my attendees said they look for is a well coordinated and smoothly run function. I believe, from the feedback, we’ve accomplished this…so far.

What you can expect at my tournaments: I offer a great catered continental breakfast and buffet lunch. We give high round and special hand prizes for each round. Those scoring in the top ten percent of all players will receive cash prizes. I reward my Easts, for being my wonderful ambassadors, as well as the gatekeepers of the rules, with a lovely thank you gift. I try to keep 3 substitutes to avoid having to ever play three to a table. ( some people care about this, while others state 3 at a table gives you more picks) Shrug?
I am trying to keep costs down without sacrificing the quality of my tournaments. I’ve spent my life in fundraising and charity, so to continue my ethos of giving back, I'm making and initiating a donation lottery, (one charity, chosen at random, from cards placed by each attendee upon arrival) at each tournament.

I'll ride this roller coaster -gladly -for as long as you'll have me.
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